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Best Spices
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“The Spice House is your authority on sourcing and quality spices. Vetted by experts, used by chefs.” 

The Spice House is my number-one place to buy all my spices. They are so fresh and flavorful! I usually buy my spices online, but I encourage you to visit one their four stores:  Evanston, Chicago, and two locations in Milwaukee. The smell of all those herbs and spices is heavenly!

In addition to single spices like basil or garlic, they have some terrific spice blends and some wonderful curries. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Ruth Ann’s Muskego Ave. Chicken and Fish Seasoning:  a delicious blend of salt, black pepper, garlic, lemon peel, and onion. I like to use it on vegetables.
  • Old Taylor Street Cheese Sprinkle:  A blend of Romano Cheese and garlic, it makes great garlic bread. Heck, it even makes gluten-free bread taste good!
  • Gary Wiviott’s Barbeque Rub:  If you like spicy BBQ, this is the blend for you. The directions say to lightly coat the meat with prepared yellow mustard before adding the rub. Yeah, I thought it sounded weird too, but don’t skip this step! It really is good.

Check out the Spice House for high quality, fresh spices.

Barbara Reed

Barbara Reed

I am passionate about cooking, good food and healthy living. When it comes to cooking, “My Secret Ingredient is Love!”